Inclusion for ALL

“Inclusion is not a strategy to help people fit into the systems and structures which exist in our societies; it is about transforming those systems and structures to make it better for everyone. Inclusion is about creating a better world for everyone.”

Diane Richler, Past President, Inclusion International 

Inclusion for ALL

Inclusion for ALL is a grassroots network in Washington State and an intentional community of disabled individuals, parents and other caregivers of disabled individuals, professionals who work in education, and other community members who value social justice. 


We believe and know that fully and meaningfully inclusive education in public K-12 schools is an evidence-based best practice that is foundational to an inclusive and equitable society and essential for the survival and the eventual flourishing of disabled people. Full and meaningful inclusion for all students, including students with significant support needs and disabled students who are multiply marginalized, achieved via the principles of Disability Justice and Disability Pride is our shared goal.

What we do

We find and make connections, big and small, for Washington State stakeholders in our Facebook community and in different events. We host free workshops and give free presentations in Washington State. We maintain a resource library and produce free content for a variety of advocacy and training needs. Depending on parent partner availability, we offer free IEP support to families around gaining an inclusive placement for their students.  

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